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The President and primary staff of Geologic Mapping, Inc. is Pete Rowley (photo below). He works closely with many colleagues who have their own consulting firms. The resume of Pete Rowley follows. (The pictures above are from five 4-month-long field seasons in Antarctica, four of which Pete led or co-led when employed by the USGS. During those seasons, he and many colleagues geologically mapped more than 50,000 square miles of previously unvisited mountains. Many other pictures scattered throughout this website are from the eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980, when Pete led USGS press conferences (the young man on the TV screen in a photo elsewhere) in June 1980 and, with colleagues, mapped pyroclastic flows and related deposits from the five major 1980 eruptions and wrote reports for several years.)

RESUME — July 2010


Geologic Mapping, Inc.
P.O. Box 651 (1235 South 500 East)
New Harmony, UT 84757
(435) 865-5928 Business Phone
(435) 590-1946 Cell Phone
(435) 865-5935 Fax


  • Ph.D. in geology (6/1968)—University of Texas at Austin (9/1964-6/1968). Dissertation: “Geology of the southern Sevier Plateau, Utah;” advisor J. Hoover Mackin
  • B.A. in geology (6/1964)—Carleton College, Northfield, Minnesota (9/1960-6/1964)

Honors and Awards:


Lehi Hintze Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Geology of Utah, for 2008, by the Utah Geological Association and Utah Geological Survey, for career accomplishments in Utah (given annually)

1999: Distinguished Achievement Award, for career accomplishments, Carleton Alumni Association, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
1995: Dibblee Medal, by the Dibblee Geological Foundation, for career accomplishments in geologic mapping and field geology (a national medal, given annually)
1972-1987: Principal Investigator of 6 National Science Foundation grants to the USGS, totaling $519,000, for field and stateside research in Antarctica
1986: Meritorius Service Award, Department of the Interior
1986: Named geographic feature: Rowley Massif, in the Black Coast of the Antarctic Peninsula
1985, 1980: Named fossils, Otazamites rowleyi (a cycad leaf), Retroceramus rowleyi (a pelecypod)

Named a Fellow of The Explorers Club, New York, N.Y

1990-present: In Who’s Who in America, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in America (Science and Engineering), International Leaders in Achievement, Men of Achievement, Who’s Who in Technology, American Men and Women of Science, Dictionary of International Biography, etc.

Current Employment:

Consulting Geologist
Geologic Mapping, Inc. (this is an S Corporation of which I am the President)
From 5/2001 to present


Work in progress—

(A) Contractor to Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), Las Vegas, to provide the digital geologic framework to allow assessments of the effects of pumping, to aid ground-water-flow models, and to analyze applications for water in Spring, Cave, Delamar, Dry, and Snake Valleys and other basins in Lincoln and White Pine Counties, NV. Work includes preparing 1:250,000-scale geologic and hydrogeologic maps, cross sections, map explanations, analysis of flow paths and hydrogeology, and geologic reports aimed at securing water rights in meetings with the Nevada State Engineer as well as for the Bureau of Land Management Environmental Impact Statement for the planned pipeline to bring water to Las Vegas; providing expert-witness testimony; and helping site production well fields (1/09-present). Collaborate with and assist Gary Dixon (Southwest Geology, Inc.), Andrew Burns of SNWA, and others at SNWA in their long-term study of the Great Salt Lake Desert and White River ground-water flow systems in a 40,000 mi2 area of E Nevada and W Utah, including preparing reports for publication.

(B) Contractor to the Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City, UT, for the following tasks: (1) To geologically map (1:12,000 scale) the Sulphurdale geothermal area south of Cove Fort, Utah, the site of one of three present and former geothermal power plants in Utah. The U.S. Department of Energy is funding seismic and magnetotelluric profiles in the area, by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and its subcontractors, in anticipation of additional exploratory drilling to enlarge the resource by Enel North America, the owner of the plant. The mapping is in collaboration with Gary Dixon, Ed Rutledge of Route-Ledger GIS of Payson, Utah, and Dave Maxwell of Southern Utah University (7/2010 to present). (2) Prepare pro-bono (i.e., free), as senior author, the final published version of the Cedar City quadrangle (1:100,000 scale), the preliminary version of which was published under contract in 2006. Includes final compilation of a 2.5-mile-wide strip (the Utah part) of the Caliente 1:100,000-scale quadrangle (west of the Cedar City quadrangle), to be published with (attached to) the Cedar City quadrangle. The preliminary version of this strip map was published in a contract in 2008 (2006 to present). (3) Pro-bono preparation for publication, as senior author, of the Brian Head 1:24,000-scale geologic map, and as a junior author, of parts of the Panguitch 1:100,000-scale quadrangle (east of the Cedar City quadrangle).

(C) Subcontractor to David Black of Rosenberg Associates, St. George, UT: in collaboration with Rosenberg and with subcontractor David Simon of Simon-Bymaster of Bountiful, UT, do a surface-fault-rupture-hazard evaluation of (1) Utah Dept. of Transportation highway interchanges for the planned 4-lane Southern Parkway, a State beltway bypass around greater St. George; the interchanges are crossed by the active Washington fault south of Washington City (Phase III of the Parkway, under subcontract to Horrocks Engineers) and other potentially active faults west of Hurricane, UT (Phases IV and V, under subcontract to URS Engineering); evaluation has required detailed geologic maps (Task 1) followed by 14 trenches so far across the faults (Task 2); includes siting a water well to replace one that will be overrun by the highway (7/2009-present); (2) a SITLA (State of Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration) 1,000-acre property north of Washington City, UT, crossed by the active Washington fault and under consideration for development; Task 1, a detailed geologic map and report on the property, was done in 1/09, and we are waiting the go-ahead for trenches (Task 2) across the faults (6/08-present); and (3) a recently completed siting of a well for a property owner northeast of Virgin, through Reed Scow of Rosenberg Associates (5-7/10).

(D) Geologist for Robert E. McDonald, Pismo Beach, CA, on retainer to geologically map the Adamsville and Cave Canyon 7.5' quadrangles (1:24,000 scale), UT and to help prepare them as digital maps for publication with the Utah Geological Survey (1/02-present). This mapping partly enabled compilation of the Beaver 1:100,000 quadrangle, which was open filed in 2005.

(E) Contractor to The EXAFS Company (Farrel Lytle), Pioche, NV, to provide geological and geomorphological expertise on his project to date desert varnish and rock art by x-ray fluorescence, under funding from the Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation (11/03-present).

(F) Hydrogeologist (pro-bono expert witness) for the Mountain Valley Water Protection Association, Cedar City, UT (Carl Palmer, President, working with Mabey & Wright law firm, Salt Lake City), to defend cattle and sheep ranchers in water-poor, landslid areas of Cedar Mountain/Kolob Plateau east of Cedar City against commercial development (11/04-present). Work to date includes expert-witness testimony at Iron County Commissioners' and Iron County Planning Commissioners' meetings, writing reports, conducting field trips, and working with TV and newspaper media.


Jobs completed:

(A) Subcontractor to Southwest Geology, Inc., Blackfoot, ID: (1) under contract to Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA), Las Vegas, I assisted Gary Dixon (Southwest Geology) to provide the digital geologic framework to allow assessments of the effects of pumping, to aid ground-water flow models, and to analyze applications for water resources in Spring Valley and other basins in Lincoln and White Pine Counties, NV; work included preparing 1:250,000-scale geologic and hydrogeologic maps, cross sections, map explanations, and geologic reports; providing expert-witness testimony; and helping site production well fields. This was a long-term SNWA study of an area of 45,000 square miles of the White River and adjacent flow systems in E Nevada and W Utah that we geologically mapped; also included preparing extent maps and structure contours of hydrogeologic units, expert-witness testimony before the Nevada State Engineer (9/06) on water applications in Spring Valley, and maps, sections, and a report for the contractors who are preparing the EIS for the Spring Valley water pipeline (1/03-12/08); (2) mapped (1:100,000 scale) the geology of the Smoke Creek Desert and parts of adjacent ranges, Nevada and California, as a digital map, cross sections, and report to aid hydrologists with a ground-water flow model of the basin and with a production water well field for a water-cooled power plant to be constructed by Sempra Energy; the reports were submitted in 2006 but the power plant project was abandoned; then the project evaluation and water resources were sold to the large LSC private housing development NE of Reno, with a large final CD report issued in 2010 (5/04-5/10); (3) analyzed ground-water flow and helped prepare a 1:250,000-scale digital geologic map and cross sections of the southern White River regional ground-water flow system, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona for publication by the Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, and to use these to help construct regional ground-water flow models, under funding by SNWA, National Park Service, and Fish and Wildlife Service; the map (Page et al.) was published in 2005 (7/02-8/03); and (4) draw cross sections for a report on the geohydrology of the White River ground-water flow system, central to southeastern Nevada, for the Las Vegas Valley Water District (5-7/01).

(B) Contractor to the Washington County Water Conservancy District (WCWCD), St. George, Utah: (1) in collaboration with Southwest Geology Inc., Blackfoot, ID, made a geologic map (scale 1 inch = 500 feet) and site a production water-well field at the planned site of the Anderson Junction Reservoir, a 0.75-mile-long by 0.5-mile-wide reservoir NW of Toquerville, UT, to be constructed to collect surface water from New Harmony basin and the Pine Valley Mountains and then artificially recharge the Navajo aquifer beneath it; the well field is to have four production and four monitoring wells on the south side of the reservoir; also included geologic mapping of Cottam well field just to the west and siting another production well on its south side; included a 22-p. report published in the WCWCD Series (9/09-5/10); (2) sited a production water well on the south side of Kolob Reservoir, NW of Zion National Park (9-10/08); (3) analyzed falling water tables and sited a production water well in the Diamond Valley subdivision NE of Ivins, UT (6/07-8/08); (4) sited two production water wells along the Hurricane fault east of Pintura, UT (5-6/07); (5) provided hydrogeologic analysis, wrote 3 reports and affidavits, gave an expert deposition, and was scheduled to testify as an expert witness for a lawsuit by Pah Tempe Hot Springs Resort, near Hurricane, UT; settled out of court (8/05-1/06); (6) in collaboration with Southwest Geology, Inc. and Terraspectra Geomatics, Las Vegas, NV, made a 1:75,000-scale digital geologic map and wrote a geological/engineering report of the 120-mile route of a planned water pipeline to bring culinary water from Lake Powell to Sand Hollow Reservoir and well field southwest of Hurricane, Utah (4/04-2/05); (7) in collaboration with Southwest Geology, Inc., Earth Knowledge LLC, Tucson, Arizona, and Terraspectra Geomatics, made 1:12,000-scale digital geologic and potentiometric-surface maps of a 35-square-mile area and wrote a 14-p. report to site new wells at the well field at the Sand Hollow Reservoir, a 1.5-mile by 0.6-mile artificial-recharge reservoir southwest of Hurricane, UT, that recharges the underlying Navajo Sandstone aquifer (5-12/04); (8) analyzed and wrote a report on the reason for falling production in the town well field of Rockville, UT, and what might be done to achieve a sustainable water supply (9/04); (9) analyzed and wrote a report on the reason for falling water tables in the rapidly growing community of Apple Valley, east of Hurricane, UT (6-7/03); (10) analyzed and wrote a report on Sullivan’s well near Leeds, UT, a production water well drilled by WCWCD that is flowing under artesian pressure and producing more water than they had originally predicted (6-11/02); (11) provided hydrogeology expertise and wrote the hydrology chapter of the Environmental Assessment for the Santa Clara Pipeline (BLM, 2002, 98 p. + appendices) from the Gunlock well field (5-11/02); and (12) analyzed the effects on Pah Tempe Hot Springs, Inc. of a WCWCD pipeline that diverts the Virgin River around the highly saline water of these hot springs (2-10/02).

(C) Contractor to the Utah Geological Survey, Salt Lake City, UT, to (1) geologically map the Goldstrike and Utah part of the Docs Pass quadrangle (1:24,000 scale), UT, and to assist (second author) with the geologic mapping of the St. George 30’ x 60’ quadrangle (1:100,000 scale), Utah, and to prepare the digital maps and texts for publication with them (2-year project, 7/05-6/07); the preliminary Goldstrike map area was open filed in 2007 and the preliminary St. George map was open filed in 2007 and published in final form in 2009; (2) geologically map the Beaver 30’ x 60’ quadrangle (1:100,000-scale), UT, and to prepare the digital map and text for publication with them; the preliminary Beaver map was open filed in 2005 (6/03-5/05); and (3) geologically map the Cedar City 30’ x 60’ quadrangle (1:100,000-scale), UT, and to prepare the digital map and text for publication with them; the preliminary Cedar City map was open filed in 2006 (6/02-1/06).

(D) Subcontractor to New England Research, Inc., White River Junction, VT, under contract to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in turn under contract to the Department of Energy, to collect rocks in the Cove Fort/Sulphurdale area to characterize geophysical signatures in planned seismic and magnetotelluric profiles in the Sulphurdale geothermal area, UT (3-5/2010).

(E) Subcontractor to Northern Engineering, Hurricane, UT to site two production water wells for the town of Leeds, UT (3-4/10).

(F) Subcontractor to Mabey Wright & James, PLLC, Salt Lake City, and Kendrick J. Hafen, Santa Clara, to provide geologic justification (a report) and expert testimony to the State Engineer to support a claim of interference by a well near Summit, UT of wells at the North Spring Ranch, Enoch, UT (3/2010).

(G) Subcontractor to Smith/Hartvigsen and Snell & Wilmer law firms, Salt Lake City, to provide hydrogeologic analysis, expert-witness testimony at Utah State Engineer hearings, and write reports as part of three protests against conversion of surface- to ground-water rights in New Harmony basin, UT, for Harmony Heights Water Co. and other water providers and citizens (6/08-10/09). Cases settled out of court.

(H) Contractor to Matt Musgrave, MCM Land & Development, St. George, to site production wells for a planned development at Canaan Gap, near Hildale, UT (11-12/08).

(I) Contractor to Leeds Domestic Waterusers Assoc., Leeds, UT, for a water-rights analysis to transfer ground-water rights for production wells at Leeds (10/2008).

(J) Contractor to W. Dale Beddo, Beddo Golf, to site production wells for Kokopelli Golf Course, Apple Valley, UT. Well sited but I was never paid and the golf course went bankrupt (9/08).

(K) Contractor to Henry Landau, Virgin, UT, to site a water well for a lot at Firepit Knoll, in a private inholding in the NW part of Zion National Park (9/08).

(L) Contractor to David Asay, Aspen Grove Assets, Cedar City, UT, to site a production water well for a housing development planned at Pine Creek Ranch, Mount Pleasant, UT (4-7/08).

(M) Subcontractor to Frank D’Agnese of Earth Knowledge, Inc., Tucson, AZ, to do a literature search on the geology and ground water in and near Fernley, NV (10/07-1/08).

(N) Contractor to Jason Campbell, Hurricane, UT, to site a production water well for a gravel pit north of Pintura, UT (9-10/07).

(O) Contractor to Barnett Intermountain Water Consulting, Bountiful, UT, for advice concerning wells sited and to be sited on a ski/golf/housing development at the former Mount Holly Ski Area, central Tushar Mountains, UT (12/06-4/07).

(P) Contractor to Van Robinson of Assett Management Services, Las Vegas, concerning siting production water wells for a 475-acre housing development near New Harmony, UT (2-6/07).

(Q) Subcontractor to Michael Hansen of RB&G Engineering, Provo, and Edward Fall of the Utah Department of Natural Resources concerning safety of the dams at Enterprise Reservoir, UT, which are underlain by faults (2-4/07).

(R) Contractor to Attorney Riley Snow of Durham Jones & Pinegar, St. George, to supply hydrogeologic information that supports a point-of-diversion water-rights change application from Diamond Valley to Veyo, UT (4-5/07).

(S) Contractor to Cameron Nevins of Montrose, CO, for advice on availability of ground water on his property near Virgin, UT (7/06).

(T) Contractor to Kerry Holt/Desert Valley Development to site 5 production water wells for his two housing developments of at least a square mile each, located west of Enterprise, UT (3-4/06).

(U) Contractor to Ross LeBaron/Instone Founders of Cedar City to provide advice concerning water-rights issues and well locations in the Elephant Butte area southeast of Zion National Park (9-11/05).

(V) Contractor to Kevin McLaws and associates to site two wells on their ranch along the North Fork of the Virgin River, just east of Zion National Park (10/05-1/06).

(W) Contractor to Trip Long of Muirfield Exploration, Ltd., Wichita Falls, TX concerning siting an oil well north of Enterprise, UT. We visited it and I advised against it because it was in a volcanic vent area (2/05).

(X) Subcontractor to Kleinfelder Engineering, Park City, UT, to site water wells for Brian Head Ski Resort (12/04). Several wells were successfully drilled.

(Y) Contractor to the town of New Harmony, Utah, to write the Environmental Assessment for 40 acres of BLM land, disposed to the town (7/02-9/04). The EA was published (BLM, 2004, 55 p. + appendices), and the town has its land.

(Z) Subcontractor to Bullock Brothers Engineering, Cedar City, UT, to site a production water well for a 3-square-mile housing development west of Kanarraville, UT, where others had been unable to find sufficient water (6-9/03). The well is producing at about 150 gpm.

(AA) Subcontractor to Anteon Inc., San Diego, on a grant from BLM to provide geohydrology advice and prepare a report on the hydrologic controls of two endangered plants in Carson Slough, near Death Valley Junction, Amargosa Desert, NV-CA (1/02-7/03). A 65-p report was produced, and I am now looking for a publisher.

(BB) Contractor to the Ely office of BLM to provide geohydrology expertise and advice for BLM staff and to provide technical review of the Environmental Impact Statement (by CH2M Hill) for the proposed Toquop Power plant, Tule Desert (NW of Mesquite), Lincoln County, NV (7/01-1/03). The EIS was published (BLM, 2003, 345 p. + appendices) but not enough water was granted by the Nevada State Engineer for the plant to be water cooled, so the project is in limbo.

(CC) Contractor to the Colorado Geological Survey, Denver, CO, to geologically map about half the Cascade 7.5’ quadrangle, CO, and to help prepare the digital map and text for publication with them (6/02-6/03). The map was published 7/04.

(DD) Small contractor (Purchase Order) to the Ely office of BLM to prepare a report on the geologic controls on a newly found obsidian source for implements that was mined by Indians for thousands of years in Lincoln County, NV. Prepared 8-p. report (10/1-3/02).

(EE) Small contractor (Purchase Order) to the Ely office of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to do a geomorphology assessment of archeological sites found as part of the BLM inventory of a 7200-acre congressionally-mandated sale of BLM land in Lincoln County, NV (Lincoln County Land Act, north of Mesquite) scheduled for disposal on 10/2001. Prepared 6-p. report (7-9/01).

(FF) Contractor to Peter Levenson, New Jersey, to provide advice on ground-water availability of 40 acres that he anticipated buying as a home site just east of Cedar City. His property is on a huge landslide, so the work evolved also into geologic advice. Prepared a 7-p. report (4-6/02).

(GG) Temporary employee (Physical Science Researcher III), Colorado Geological Survey, Denver, CO, on a 6-month detail to geologically map the Cheyenne Mountain 7.5’ quadrangle, CO, and to prepare the digital map and text for publication with them (7-12/01). Map was published 7/04.

(HH) Subcontractor to Simon-Bymaster, Inc, Bountiful, UT, and Gerhart Consultants, Inc., Sandy, UT, to assist in detailed geologic mapping of the dam site of the Piute Reservoir, Piute Co., UT. The dam is old, is cut by an active fault, and is to be relocated (5-8/01).


Previous Employment:

(1) Geology professor (full-time, temporary)
Dept. of Physical Science, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
From 8/2000 to 5/2001
Courses taught: Natural Hazards, Environmental Geology, Mineralogy, Field trips to Marysvale volcanic field UT and Caliente caldera complex NV, Optical Mineralogy, Igneous Petrology

(2) Geologist
U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO (1970-1997), Las Vegas, NV (1997-1999), Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT (1999-2000)

From 8/1970-8/2000. Highest grade attained, GS-15 (1981-2000) Thirty years of experience in research, leadership, and management, mostly in four areas:

(A) Co- Project Chief (with G.L. Dixon), Nevada Test Site/Las Vegas Urban Corridor Project (1995- 2000), a large (about 30 employees), mostly outside-funded (we built it up to about $3 million/year) project dealing both with the contamination of the Death Valley ground-water flow system by about 800 underground nuclear tests and with geology and hydrology of the fastest growing area (Las Vegas) in the country;
(B) Project Chief of geologic studies in many areas and mining districts in Utah and Nevada (1970-1995), including the Caliente caldera complex, NV, Delamar, Pennsylvania, Easter, and Chief mining districts, NV, Marysvale volcanic field, UT, Iron Springs mining district, UT, eastern Uinta Mountains and Uinta Basin, UT-CO, and the Black Mountains and Mineral Mountains, UT;
(C) several roles dealing with the results of the 1980 eruptions of Mount St. Helens, WA, including USGS Spokesman (June 9-22, August 7, 1980) and Project Chief of research on the 1980 pyroclastic flows and other topics (1980-1982); and
(D) second-in-charge (1970-71) then Field Party Leader and Project Chief (1972-73, 1977-78, 1984- 85, 1986-87) of remote expeditions to Antarctica in which we geologically mapped about 50,000 mi2 (the last unexplored mountainous parts of the Earth’s land surface) and then did stateside research and writing.

(3) Assistant Professor (full time, temporary)
Dept. of Geology, Carleton College, Northfield, MN
From 9/1969-7/1970
Courses taught: Mineralogy, Environmental Geology, Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology, and Structural Geology

(4) Temporary Instructor (full time, temporary)
Dept. of Geology, Kent State University, Kent, OH
From 9/1968-6/1969
Courses taught: Volcanology, Geomorphology, and Physical Geology

Current License:

State of Utah Professional Geologist (PG) License 5244263-2250 (1/02/2003-present)

Membership in Professional Societies:

  • Geological Society of America (1963-present), Fellow (1979)
  • Colorado Scientific Society (1970-1998); Membership Chairman, 1975-77
  • Utah Geological Association (1973-1978, 1999-present)
  • Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists (1974-1998)
  • American Geological Institute (1970-present)
  • Society of Economic Geologists (1977-2008)
  • The Antarctican Society (1978-present)
  • The Explorers Club (1979-1985), Fellow (1979)
  • American Geophysical Union (1988-present)
  • Geological Society of Nevada (1992-present)
  • Association of Engineering Geologists (1997-2007)
  • Dixie Geological Society (1999-present) (President in 2002)
  • Nevada Water Resources Association (2007-present)

Other Contributions to Science:

  • Pro-bono work with professional societies, including giving talks and leading field trips for professional and avocational groups, member of Organizing Committee and Co-Editor of published volume by Utah Geological Association, in Cedar City, Utah (2001), President of Dixie Geological Society (2002), Geological Society of America field-trip Chairman and member of Organizing Committee, Rocky Mountain Section of the GSA Meeting in Cedar City (2002)
  • As reflected in my bibliography since 2001, pro-bono preparation for publication of many geologic reports and maps, including currently the Brian Head, Utah 7.5’ quadrangles for the National Park Service for publication by the Utah Geological Survey
  • Research on dating desert varnish with Farrel Lytle of the EXAFS Co., Pioche, NV, who with Prof. Nick Pingitore of UTEP is developing a nondestructive x-ray fluorescence method using a portable machine. His timeline needs calibration, which requires work with Quaternary geologists and cosmogenic and other dating specialists. The method would allow dating of landforms, for use in determining ages of young faults, other geologic hazards, and petroglyphs. We are working with archeologists of BLM, and with geologists of the Utah Geological Survey and USGS. I applied for a research grant for over $450,000 from the National Science Foundation in 2001, when I was with SUU, but it was rejected. Small grants from BLM and the Bureau of Reclamation have helped Farrel and Nick so far, and we are looking into other funding sources
  • Funding agencies for which I have written major reports: U.S. Geological Survey, U.S. Dept. of Energy, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Fish and Wildlife Service, Utah Geological Survey, Colorado Geological Survey, Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology, Las Vegas Valley Water District/Southern Nevada Water Authority, Washington County Water Conservancy District, Virgin Valley Water District, Nye County, NV, Lincoln Co, NV



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